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What differs bengalsWhat differs bengals
The main differences of bengals from other well-known breeds

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What differs bengals

Although Bengal resemble wild cats by appearance, they have a tender, contact, friendly character. Getting animals with such combination of qualities is one of the main aims of Bengal breeding program. Aggressive or timid individuals were excepted from the breeding.

Bengal cats are cunning and intelligent from nature. They are very active and mobile  even when mature. Their instincts often come forth when the cats play. They possess an unusual love for water and bath with great pleasure for a long. Bengals can even take shower with their masters. Kittens also have a mania: they throw their toys into water. An open aquarium is a great temptation for them.
You should always look after bengals as theyre very curious and seek new games and actions. With their help youll quickly learn to close cupboards (-: they love hiding especially in boxes and have passion for plastic bags. Bengal is a cat which always have something to play with.
Bengals are very communicative, get on with pets very well, they like children. Indeed those bengals which are close to their ancestors, e.g. animals of first and second hybrid generation, demonstrate features reflecting their wild origin. They can be more timid and quarrelsome. You should be extremely careful and friendly to them. Such animals are not recommended to be kept in families with children.
Bengals are not talkative but sometimes they chat with their master. But the sounds of their voices are absolutely wild.  These cats are usually attached to one person in family.
They arent aggressive, but they are conceal and self-confident. Their cleverness charms people.
Bengal cats are not fearful, they are quite independent. Bengal will simply go away if he feels a stronger person. Its no use abusing him when he romps, hell be afraid of you; its better to take away things. Remember, he accommodates to his instincts and doesnt understand the reason of your dissatisfaction.
Keeping and care.
This shorthaired cat doesnt make any problems in care. When the care is requisite, it doesnt have any odor of a wild animal. But its better to bath your cat before a show.
Shes not very productive, there are usually three-four kittens in a brood, partly it explains the cats rareness and high prices. In contrast to quickly ripening tomcats, cats grow up slower. They become mature after birth of first kittens. Dont hurry and exhibit her before she gets the requisite form. Tom cats are more fast-ripening. But a tom-cats career is short, especially if it is a producer, that grows heavy after several pairings in age of 2-3 years. A cat will shine on shows for a long time.



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