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The main differences of bengals from other well-known breeds

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1 (139139.05.23) Thanks in support of this web situate column, it was closely what I was looking in support of. At hand is hence a good deal statistics here, so I several gratitude hence a good deal representing enlightening my mind. 1

Jürgen PCologne (136669.04.16) Hi Olga...I am glad to look at those wonderful animals. Thank nyou for the photos and for your website Greetings from Cologne, Jürgen

Corine (136497.01.03) Wrote you email and private mail on FB, please can you help me?

Harno (133556.01.13) Hi.... I’am looking for bengals with colour snow, link, or black clour. If you have it, please contact me via email. Thank you ....

Nicklas Andersson (128177.08.11) Hi! Do you have F1,F2 Bengal females for sale? Best regards Nick

Amelie (126687.07.01) I tried to reach you by email, but it doesn’t seem to work. I would be interested by snow kittens related to Glamshine Milky way please can you contact me?

Andrea Deutsch (125174.09.06) I try to e mail you, but my mails do not reach you. Please can you contact me via e mail. I would be interessted in one of your kittens Kind regards, Andrea

Vendela (125122.01.23) Lovely bengals:)

Cissy (122626.10.13) Hello, I got butterfly’s in my stumic by the sight of youre silver Charcoal what a beautifull wild head . What a shame foudations are not alowed in the Netherlands :-( .Beautifull cat’s you have . Wishing you al the best with you’re breedingprogramme. Kind Regards, Cissy

laetitia (121937.10.01) hi!! just visitedd your site and I love your bengals and your silvers are so beautiful!! keep up the good work!! best regards from belgium laetitia

Curt Robbins (121864.02.01) Hello, I came with Dotty Verett when she delivered Star. Just wanted to say hello and I hope everything is OK with you and Star. Your website is fantastic!

Kayte (117944.05.23) I am so glad I found this site! How can I find out how to get one of these beautiful boys? I would also like see the linage, pedigree, a few more pictures, however, photos only gives an idea. I have never purchased outside of United States. OK I will write to your regular e mail address. You have my email. Kate

nikitoz (117753.01.31) Сайт супер! мне понравился. Администратору респект!

ExLabordiner (117636.06.30)     Please, give me contact address (email or msn) of this site administrator... Thanks!

Marguerite (117503.06.21) Hello, I have just visited your site and find your cats are very beautiful!!! I really love your new silver girl :-)I will bookmark your site and look forward to seeing the kittens she will produce for you. Best wishes from Scotland UK
  • Thanks for your attention! At you a remarkable site!

Frankxc (117052.11.26) Great site, I am bookmarking it!Keep it up! With the best regards! Frank

DevilxJackson (116963.10.10) Great resource. keep it up!!Thanks a lot for interesting discussion, I found a lot of useful information!With the best regards! David

NK:  (112991.04.06) Site started!

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